Renewable Resource Services

Renewable Resource Management

Foresight, planning, and ongoing management are key to maximizing the value and sustainability of renewable resources. We have extensive experience managing commercial forestry and fishery resources and are exploring clean energy opportunities. Whether you are looking to lease or manage licenses and tenures, improve access, increase output, or implement best practices in resource stewardship, Inlailawatash is here to lend a hand and explore options for collaboration. 

We Offer

Forestry Management

First Nation forest tenure negotiations
Ecosystem-based forest management plans
Forest stewardship plans
Timber supply analysis/Annual allowable cut calculations
Operational planning and timber harvesting
Forest and ecosystem inventories
Resource road design, construction, maintenance and deactivation
Reforestation and Silviculture activities


Fisheries Management

Allocation Transfer Program (ATP) licence and quota management
Commercial Fishing Enterprise (CFE) licence and quota management
CFE business planning and development

Clean Energy Management

Feasibility studies
Business plans

Restoring Opportunity

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Since 2004, Inlailawatash has grown into a multi-disciplinary company responsible for managing tens of millions of dollars worth of renewable resources. Land that was once clear cut or over-planted is now being harvested in a responsible way and areas have been maintained and restored to include culturally and economically valuable species that will one day yield sustainable revenue or ecological and cultural benefits. At the same time, through our commercial fishing activities, we have regained First Nation access to some historically significant fisheries and have created meaningful business opportunities for First Nation peoples.